Welcome to Koh Samui Beach - The Tongsai Bay - Most Romantic Hotel and Resort in Koh Samui Beach. Thanks, vitis to hotel Samui and Samui Wedding in Thailand.

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Why Tongsai Bay The Tongsai Bay StoryVisit to hotel and resort by Tongsai Bay Koh Samui beach.

Finally please see a list of reasons why the Tongsai Bay is the best choice for your most discerning clients who want to go to Koh Samui beach.

Choosing a holiday destination and a hotel Koh samui beach is one of the biggest decisions most people make each year. Please find below a few pieces of information that may answer a few questions and lead you to propose The Tongsai Bay Koh Samui beach:

Our 25 acres of land is totally secluded and therefore you will never hear traffic or noisy neighbours hotel Koh Samui beach at Tongsai Bay.

  • Our beach is exclusive to our guests and completely free of Koh Samui beach vendors and motorised water sports.
  • We offer a freshly cooked breakfast until 10:30 a.m. allowing you to get up at your leisure, take a walk or have a swim before your breakfast.
  • We offer high speed broadband Wi-Fi services in all rooms and public areas and the use of computers in our internet room – all free of charge.
  • We serve chilled purified drinking water in the restaurants, bars and on the beach - free of charge.
  • All guests receive a welcome drink and a cold towel on arrival. In addition to fresh flowers on the day of arrival all guests receive a turndown “goodies”.
  • We happily offer honeymoon, birthday, and 'major anniversary' benefits - free of charge. 35% of our guests are returning guests or word of mouth recommendations. Guests returning 6, 8, 10 times are not unusual at hotel Koh Samui beach.
  • Our rigid Green Policy ensures that all our waste is recycled and chemicals and plastic wrappings / bags are forbidden. No trees were damaged in the construction of the hotel Koh Samui 23 years ago and no tree has been cut down since.
  • Hotel Koh Samui Beach
    Since opening in 1987, The Tongsai Bay has established itself as the leading family owned hotel on the beautiful island of hotel Koh Samui Beach, Thailand. Hidden amongst 25 acres of breathtaking natural beauty and overlooking a sandy bay, the hotel is renowned for its privacy and tranquility, its passionate love for the environment and last but not least, the friendliness and professionalism of its staff. This gives rise to our proud boast that the Tongsai Bay is “Koh Samui’s most romantic hotel Koh Samui beach”.
  • It all began in 1985 when the late Akorn Hoontrakul, then chairman of The Imperial
    Koh Samui beach, saw Tongsai Bay from the sea and declared that it was love at first sight. Seven days later Akorn purchased the land. For three months he slept on the beach, dreaming of his ideal resort, and started to plan the layout and location of the rooms. A key challenge was to do it without cutting down a single tree or cause damage to the beautiful natural surroundings.

    The Tongsai Bay Koh Samui beach opened its doors in July 1987 and became the first five-star luxury hotel on Koh Samui beach, under the umbrella of The Imperial hotel Koh Samui beach. Following a period of illness in 1993, Akorn sold the Imperial Hotel Group whilst retaining The Tongsai Bay Koh Samui beach, because he wanted to live out the rest of his life there with his beloved wife Chompunute.

    In 2000 Akorn passed away and management of The Tongsai Bay Koh Samui beach moved to the capable hands of his son, Thanakorn and his daughter in-law, Saisiri who both share Akorn’s passion for the environment and for providing the highest standards of hospitality and service. Under his watchful eye, The Tongsai Bay Koh Samui beach continued to grow from strength to strength and developed its own ‘Green Project’.

    This is now the model for many new hotels at bophut who also desire to preserve the island’s natural environment for future generations. In 2009 Michael Holehouse, a seasoned British born hotelier with 14 years experience of working in Thailand was appointed Managing Director.

    He reports directly to the family who now reside in Bangkok. Michael is equally committed to taking The Tongsai Bay Koh Samui beach to even higher levels of service whilst maintaining the green policies already in place.

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    Koh Samui beach, Welcome to The Tongsai Bay – Koh Samui Most Romantic hotel and resort in Koh Samui beach. We have established itself as the leading family owned hotel Koh Samui beach.