Welcome to Villa Koh Samui, The Tongsai Bay - Most Romantic Koh Samui Hotel Beach. Thanks, visit to Villa Koh Samui in Thailand.

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Why Tongsai Bay The Tongsai Bay StoryVisit to Villa Koh Samui by Tongsai Bay.
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Finally please see a list of reasons why the Tongsai Bay is the best choice for your most discerning clients who want to go to Villa Koh Samui.

Choosing a holiday destination and a Koh samui villa is one of the biggest decisions most people make each year. Please find below a few pieces of information that may answer a few questions and lead you to propose The Tongsai Bay Villa Koh Samui:

Our 25 acres of land is totally secluded and therefore you will never hear traffic or noisy neighbours Villa Koh Samui at Tongsai Bay.

  • Our beach is exclusive to our guests and completely free of beach vendors and motorised water sports.
  • We offer a freshly cooked breakfast until 10:30 a.m. allowing you to get up at your leisure, take a walk or have a swim before your breakfast.
  • We offer high speed broadband Wi-Fi services in all rooms and public areas and the use of computers in our internet room – all free of charge.
  • Our housekeepers will fully service your room twice a day - morning and early evening. We believe in a common sense and fair approach to the use of beach & pool beds which means reserving them is not permitted - we have more than enough for everybody so 'first come, first served'.
  • We serve chilled purified drinking water in the restaurants, bars and on the beach - free of charge.
  • All guests receive a welcome drink and a cold towel on arrival. In addition to fresh flowers on the day of arrival all guests receive a turndown “goodies”.
  • We happily offer honeymoon, birthday, and 'major anniversary' benefits - free of charge. 35% of our guests are returning guests or word of mouth recommendations. Guests returning 6, 8, 10 times are not unusual at villa Koh Samui beach.
  • Our rigid Green Policy ensures that all our waste is recycled and chemicals and plastic wrappings / bags are forbidden. No trees were damaged in the construction of the villa Koh Samui 23 years ago and no tree has been cut down since.
  • Villa Koh Samui
    The Akorn is named after our founder, and is our largest villa of which more than half comprises an vast open-air terrace. It has two bedrooms – a double and a twin. Villa Koh Samui is luxuriously furnished and features an open air terrace complete with signature “bath with a view”, 4 poster bed with mosquito net, bar, pantry, dining area and sun loungers. To top it all off is a large L shaped private pool around the terrace and spectacular views villa koh samui.
    Villa Koh Samui Atop the hillside, this is our most exclusive villa and features a vast open air terrace complete with signature “bath with a view”, 4 poster bed with mosquito net, bar, pantry, dining area and sun loungers. Villa Koh samui, it has a large private pool, a private rear garden, and spectacular 360 degree views over both Tongsai Bay and neighbouring Choengmon Beach villa koh samui.
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    Villa Koh Samui, Welcome to The Tongsai Bay – Most Romantic villa Koh Samui beach. We have established itself as the leading family owned Villa Koh Samui.